Hot galvanizing and why is it so important

Manufacturers often recommend treating metal gates, fences, balcony railings and even gutter gratings with "hot-dip" zinc or in the popular language: "galvanizing".

Why is it necessary, what is it and what exactly can it improve?

In this process, metal surfaces are galvanized to increase the corrosion resistance of the material (in simple words - "so that the metal does not start to rust"). The coating on the surface forms a protective layer of zinc oxide, which creates resistance to environmental influences. This layer prevents moisture from penetrating metal, thus providing corrosion resistance and complementing it with high protective properties for the longest possible period of time. Hot-dip galvanizing, which is also offered to its customers by SIA “ARRE”, is the immersion of metal in a molten zinc bath at a temperature of about 450° C. In this process, zinc melts on the metal surface and forms a durable and impermeable coating that provides both a long-term physical barrier against corrosion and electrochemical protection.To ensure even better durability and good appearance, galvanized products needs to be painted with special paints produced for this purpose. The visual appearance of different galvanized surfaces may differ - it can be both glossy and matte, but it does not affect the protective properties in any way. Sometimes it forms "floral patterns", which can even be a decorative element for unpainted surfaces.

Hot-dip galvanizing is especially valuable for products of various complex shapes, as they cannot be treated 100% manually with an anti-corrosion layer. During the hot-dip galvanizing process, zinc penetrates even the smallest gaps and hard-to-reach places, thus providing full protection.

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