About us

We have been producing wrought metal fences and gates since 2007.

The main production site is located in Kurzeme, but we deliver and instal our products throughout the territory of Latvia. We also produced products for export markets if needed. All is addapted to specific customer requirements. We cooperate with local governments, state institutions and construction stores - both in manufacturing of specific elements and in the development and setting up special projects.

According to belief of company boss, it is possible to make it from a small size oven crutch to large scale gates, fences, balcony railings and stairs for complex constructions.

Every year, the assortment is supplemented with additional products, such as gutter protectors, flag holders, benches, as well as with some complex, individually tailored projects, f.e. barbecues, gazebos, carports, horse boxes, specially adapted stairs.

In addition we offer galvanizing with so called "hot-dip galvanizing method".

We produce both: wrought metal and standard construction gates and fences. They are compiable with simple opening mechanisms (manually) or adapted to sliding systems. Each project is created according to the clients wishes: a special color, design or specific additional elements. We also assemble fence posts, as well as install our products. For customers who want to buy only gate or fence elements, we offer to choose them from the assortment we produce.

Production is manual, so each project is unique. Our products not only perfectly serve their basic function, but are also a great design element for every house or yard.

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